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Get Where You Want to Go in Business!

Get Where You Want to Go in Business!

Do you have big dreams of exciting adventures and huge successes as a business leader or entrepreneur? That’s great! So much can be accomplished when you start with huge dreams!  

But sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to get from “here” to “there”. The in-between stuff can feel overwhelming and it can sometimes be hard to tell if you’re even on the right path! 


Accomplishing your business goals doesn’t have to be scary. But you will need a plan that includes these three aspects: 

  • Define where you are. 
  • Decide where you want to go. 
  • Create a map to get there. 


It’s just that easy! 

Okay….well, maybe it’s not THAT easy. Sure, this might look perfect on paper but real life can turn out differently. Real life isn’t often a direct path from A to B. Sometimes, no matter how much planning you do, you end up having to take a detour. But first, you need to know where you’re starting from. 


Where Am I?


Any navigator will tell you that you must know where you are before you can figure out how to get where you’re going! When you plug in an address on your Maps App, the first information required is your current location. 

Understanding where you are as a business is a process of self-discovery. You’ll need to ask yourself a number of questions--and you’ll need to be brutally honest with your answers! 

If your business is already up and running, then knowing where you are may begin with a combination of measurables (metrics, financial reports, and data) as well as somewhat less-tangible measurements such as employee turnover or customer satisfaction. 


Who Am I? 


Imagine you’ve made plans with a friend to fly on holiday together but, when you arrive at the airport, your friend tells you that you are expected to be the pilot! You didn’t realise this and weren’t prepared for it. 

Or maybe you thought you were going to be the pilot and, instead, you’re asked to serve the drinks. A journey can be very confusing if the people involved don’t know what they are supposed to be doing! 

Different roles have unique functions and expectations in business, so it is vital that you understand which role you are functioning in. 

Ask yourself: Am I an expert? A manager? An entrepreneur?  (Or something else?)

I’ve been all three of these! But I probably shouldn’t be trying to do them all at once. When business leaders forget which role they are playing, they often end up with way too much on their own plates--and they don’t empower others on their team to perform well within their own roles. 


Why Am I Doing This?


Before you get started on any journey, you will need to fill up with fuel. If you’re running a foot race, you need healthy nutrition and water. If you’re driving a car, you need petrol to fill up the tank. 

The motivation behind your work is the fuel that will keep your tank from running empty. And you need to understand what type of motivation will last. 

Ask yourself why you want to do this business? 

  • For the money? 
  • To gain influence? 
  • To have adventure? 
  • To leverage impact? 
  • To help people? 
  • To find security?

While the desire for money is nothing to be ashamed of, that alone will not sustain you. You need heaps of persistence and energy, which money will not ultimately provide. 

In order to be truly successful, you must be passionate about your business! You should be able to look for satisfaction and a sense of achievement that doesn’t come from simply getting a paycheck. 

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface! There’s so much more to mapping, reflecting on and adjusting your plan in order to make your business work over the long haul. 

Just like an airplane pilot, you’ll learn to set your course, adjust based on conditions and, ultimately, end up exactly where you want to be. Plus, you’ll have a great time getting there. 

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