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ONE Simple Thing That Dictates How Your Life Looks

Good News! It’s Completely Under Your Control

Without a doubt, one of the most critical elements that will determine your success or failure in business and in life is your Mindset. Let’s take a look at Brian’s story to see why: 

Brian had everything going for him to be able to run a successful business: a good education, an effective business plan and large amounts of capital. Even so, when his business came upon hard times, he began to struggle and didn’t know how to cope. His mindset had been fixed in one direction, but nothing was working like it used to and everything seemed to come crashing down. He felt out of control.

As he found himself struggling with unexpected difficulties, Brian began searching for inspiration. He wasn’t ready to give up hope, so he looked for advice and expertise that could help him turn his life and his business around. In that search, he learned a great deal about how to get things back on track. 

One critical point Brian learned from his business difficulties is that the only thing that is 100% under his control is his Mindset


He cannot completely control his circumstances or other people. He can’t know ahead of time what things might happen to him or his business. And he certainly cannot force the people around him to act in ways that he prefers.

But he does have control over the way he chooses to think about his own life and his business.

And that one factor can change everything! 

In the midst of his struggles and disappointments, Brian decided that he was willing to change his mindset so that he could change everything else in his life for the better. He began to implement ways he could change his mindset so that he could more readily respond to just about anything life could throw his way. 

Among other things, Brian learned to be flexible, he was willing to be uncomfortable and he decided to be more confident. 


Be Flexible.

Even if you believe you know the “best” way to do something, rigidity in your approach to business (and life) will only make you stagnant. The winner is not always the strongest person, but is the most adaptable. Whether with your family or your work, it is vital to keep an open mind, listen to others and look at the world differently. This way, when the unexpected happens, you won’t be completely destroyed. Instead, you’ll assess the situation, respond with a clear head, and adjust your path in light of the new information. When you are agile and flexible, you can navigate this changing world with ease.

Be Uncomfortable.

If you’re aiming simply to be comfortable then you’ll never find anything more than the status quo. Comfortable is really just another way of saying “average”. The only way to learn to swim is to get out of the boat! The water might be cold, wet, and even a little scary. But when you’re ready to get uncomfortable, you’ll open yourself up to the possibility of the greatest adventures. Brian decided that he was willing to take risks and live on the edge a bit in order to receive a bigger payoff.

Be Confident.

No matter what you do, do it boldly. Even if it turns out to be a mistake, you can still execute it with confidence! In fact, according to Deborah H. Gruenfeld, Co-Director of the Executive Program for Women Leaders at Stanford Graduate School of Business, “Failure can be very useful for building confidence.”

Confidence is essential for conquering fears, making decisions, setting goals, handling competition and facing rejection. You must know, deep inside of yourself, who you are and what you want. Then, your actions will reflect as much and you cannot be shaken by the circumstances or people around you. 

This is just a taste of what is involved in changing your mindset toward success. Tune in to our online course #TheUnshakeableEntrepreneur for other essential factors that are vital to achieving your personal and business victories.

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