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Personal Growth And Business Growth Go Hand-in-Hand

Your work as an entrepreneur goes far beyond the product you sell or the service you offer. As an entrepreneur, you represent your business. Successful entrepreneurs run their businesses well by building trust, honoring reputation, attracting talent, and cultivating a healthy business culture. 

These aspects of business do not take place in a vacuum. They depend upon you to set the pace for a culture that pursues personal growth  in tandem with the growth of your business. 

Brian was having some difficulty actually meeting his business goals. And when he began to fail, he wasn’t even surprised. He had expected all along that he didn't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

When he mentioned this to his coach, Brian was reminded that his very lack of confidence could be a significant key to why he wasn’t succeeding. Because he didn’t believe he could! When he began learning how to identify opportunities for personal growth, Brian found that it moved his business successes in the right direction as well. 

Personal growth and business growth are intertwined and mutually beneficial. But how do you build into this concept? 

You can begin with two steps: knowing and improving. Personal_Growth-Wheel of Business


Step 1: Knowing 

It all starts with becoming aware. 

Often attributed to Socrates and Plato, the charge to “Know Thyself” means setting into motion an active intention to become aware of oneself. This may include strengths and weaknesses, abundance and lack.

The ability to see yourself objectively and clearly, from various angles and in different aspects of life, is the basic foundation for growth. Self-awareness informs interpersonal relationships, sales presentations, business choices and so much more. 

According to one study by Korn Ferry, self-aware business leaders simply perform better. In companies that show a higher rate of return, professionals “exhibit higher levels of self-awareness.”

The good news is that anyone who wants to can become more self-aware. It simply takes some dedication and a growth mindset. Then, when you can see yourself more clearly, you can move on toward improving what you can see. 


Step 2: Improving 

Once you’re committed to becoming aware of and learning about yourself, the growth and improvement part of the journey can be exciting. Sure, smoothing out the rough spots in personal growth can sometimes sting a bit, but the results are completely worth it! 

Consider these types of endeavors that can contribute to improving your business culture of personal growth and development: 


Be a Dedicated Learner. 

The world is filled with billions of people who know all kinds of interesting things! Instead of thinking you have it all figured out, dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong learner. As long as you are always looking for ways to learn and grow, you’ll never stop improving. And this leads toward both personal AND business success. 


Work On Your Limiting Beliefs. 

Part of your journey to self-awareness should include discovering which limiting beliefs tend to confine you. These are often stories we were told (or interpreted) in childhood that have continued to be pervasive in our adult lives. They are often statements that begin with “I can’t”, “I don’t”, “I shouldn’t”, or “I am not”. As children, we used them to protect ourselves. Now, they simply limit us. 

Look for these limiting beliefs in your life and then work on rewriting the story with new truths that are relative to you today. 


Pursue Emotional Strength. 

Just like working out your muscles, becoming emotionally strong requires some work. Some of the ways you can build emotional strength include: 

  • Don’t shy away from difficulty. Although it might be natural to take the path of least resistance, allow yourself to struggle inside of difficult situations that foster tenacity. 
  • Continue to pursue your dreams. Even when faced with failure, don’t just quit! Keep trying, even when you come up against resistance. 
  • Rely on a support network. Being able to admit that you need help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Engage with a team of friends, family, and/or a counselor to grow in emotional strength.
  • Reflect objectively. Being able to process through situations after they occur is a great way to build self-awareness and emotional strength simultaneously. 


Knowing and Improving to promote personal and business growth is just one small part of the bigger picture. Other factors include Physical Vitality, Mental Toughness and much more! 

Ready to dig deeper into these and other principles that will build into your successful business adventures? Jump in on my webinar to get moving in the right direction!

If you want to grow your business with the support from other exceptional entrepreneurs around the world, join my exclusive Entrepreneurship Mastery Community! Remember: surrounding yourself with the right people will lead you to the right path to your success! 

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