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Building Communities in Coworking Spaces with Cecilia Chiolerio

Building Communities in Coworking Spaces with Cecilia Chiolerio

Welcome back to this week’s episode of The High-Performance CEO Podcast!

Joining us this week is Cecilia Chiolerio, the Co-Founder and CEO of Twostay. Cecilia is an Italian entrepreneur who founded her own company in a country where people speak a different language. But despite this, her company has thrived and unlocked the power of networks and communities for the past three years. She also shares how her company provides professionals with a place where they can work outside of the comfort of their homes.

Twostay is empowering New Work communities by providing co-working spaces and meeting rooms in underused locations. They operate co-working spaces in hotel lobbies and underutilized spaces and meeting rooms in empty real estate/malls as their BlankSpace brand.

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Website: https://twostay.work/

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