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Utilizing Data Privacy Managers for GDPR with Drazen Orescanin

Utilizing Data Privacy Managers for GDPR with Drazen Orescanin


Drazen Orescanin, a serial IT entrepreneur from Croatia, was able to build the largest data analytics company in Southeast Europe by following his passions and being resourceful in his field. He advises other young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and to be smart and lazy when managing their businesses. As data privacy is becoming increasingly important, the industry is expected to grow to an estimated 26 billion by 2029. Croatia, his home country, has become an up-and-coming region for startups, with two unicorns already in the country, and is offering exciting opportunities for innovators in areas such as AI, analytics, longevity, health and food.

Drazen is the Founder of Legit Software - a Data Privacy Manager and one of the world’s leading products in the data privacy SaaS market. He is also the Founder of Poslovna Inteligencija - the leading business intelligence and data warehousing vendor in the Adriatic Region.

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