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Building Independent Startups and Shared Services with Jürgen Hase

Building Independent Startups and Shared Services with Jürgen Hase





Just when Jürgen Hase thought he had found the perfect recipe for startup success, an unexpected twist threatened to derail everything. But despite the setback, he remained steadfast in his passion for nurturing young entrepreneurs and creating successful startups

The partner ecosystem is essential; it's not a supplier contract; it's a partner contract."

Jürgen Hase
Group CEO, P-ton

More on Jürgen

Meet Jürgen Hase, an experienced telecommunications and digitalization specialist with a wealth of international experience, including working in India, Qatar, and Germany. As an engineer by trade, Jürgen has established IoT units for prominent companies like Telecom, Ooredoo, and Reliance Group. As P-ton's founder and group CEO, he now dedicates his time to developing independent startups with shared services, guiding them toward sustainable growth. Jürgen's unique understanding of organization development and leadership is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur aiming to expand their venture.  

Find Jürgen

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhase/ 
Website: https://www.p-ton.com 

Key takeaways:

  • Explore the benefits of establishing independent startups with shared services  
  • Improve your mastery of clear communication and open decision-making processes  
  • Understand the significance of embracing change and shifting your business model  
  • Develop the skill of balancing dreams and practicality in startup ventures  
  • Appreciate P-ton's commitment to offering lasting support for startups 

Scaling sustainable organizations  

P-ton focuses on scaling their organizations sustainably to succeed in the startup world. This means creating independent startups that are each responsible for their core business operations while benefiting from shared services provided by the parent company. By maintaining a strong focus on the core business, startups can develop their technology, identify sustainable growth opportunities, and scale up effectively. Jürgen Hase, CEO and founder of P-ton shares his experience building scalable organizations. Hase believes in the importance of creating focused startups that can rely on the support of the parent company for shared services like finance and HR. In the conversation with Sebastian, Jürgen emphasized that startups should not be surrounded by a team of "yes" people but instead should gather diverse perspectives willing to challenge the CEO's ideas.

Other topics mentioned in this episode: 

  • Adopt an agile approach to problem-solving and decision-making  
  • Embrace change and accept the need for systems and structures as an organization grows  
  • Focus on core business and consider outsourcing non-essential tasks to a shared service provider  
  • Prioritize cash flow and implement effective cash management strategies  
  • Be open to diverse perspectives and hire individuals with complementary skill sets  
  • Encourage open communication and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation

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