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Leveraging the Power of Influence and Leadership

Leveraging the Power of Influence and Leadership

A key factor in the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders is the recognition that they have much to share with the world! But just like everything else they do, leaders need to carefully consider how they can use their voices in the most effective manner. 

Brian believed that he had a lot to offer others within the business world, but he wasn’t quite sure how to go about exercising his powers of influence, persuasion and leadership in a compelling manner. 

When his business mentor suggested he engage in some training dealing with Persuasion and Influence, Brian decided to take the plunge! Once he understood and began applying the following (and many other) principles, he began exuding confidence--which was attractive and compelling. 



Phases of Persuasion


Connect: In order to truly be able to help other individuals move 

in the right direction, it is vital for you to find a place of influence where you can prompt them to grow. Consider these phases as you begin thinking about how you hold sway over others: 

In order to be able use influence for good, leaders need to build trust and confidence with the people they hope to inspire. This phase of connection means that leaders attempt to answer a variety of questions that help them to better understand what drives the people they are seeking to influence. This valuable insight creates leverage as barriers to change begin to be identified. 


Once leaders have earned enough trust through connection, it is time to identify limiting patterns and behaviors so that they can be “interrupted”. This is likely an uncomfortable phase--but that is what makes it so powerful and effective. 


New adventures are just around the corner by the time you get to this point! This phase is similar to the re-routing of a map to better fit where you want to go. Maybe you didn’t change your destination, but you may need to consider some roadblocks or detours.  The phase of redirection can be a complicated one because it involves making plans to create new habits and thought patterns, which isn’t always easy. But this time of redirection can also be exciting because it is where the work is done--and exciting results will begin to reveal themselves (even if they are slow). 


In order for any of the previous phases to be effective, it is necessary to remember the bigger picture of the power and purpose behind the actions. When your purposes are understood and accomplished, you have the motivation and passion to continue moving forward. 


Team Leadership


Leading a team is very different than simply influencing one person. Team leadership and development requires you to “play the zone” instead of functioning one-on-one. You are not only responsible for your own relationships with several members, but you must pay attention to their relationships with one another as well. 

While building trust continues to be a top priority, you’ll also need some additional skills that you can example and model for others, including: 


This is at the top of the list on purpose! If you cannot communicate with your team, you’ll never understand each other enough to be cohesive and effectual.


Leading a team forward doesn’t work if you’re stuck in a rut of disorganization. The more balls you are juggling in the air, the more important it is that you have tools and processes in place to keep your head on straight.


Every member of the group needs to know that you believe in them--as individuals and as a team

Of course, this just scratches the surface of the ways that you can develop your ability to influence others and lead teams. This is only the beginning! 

If you want to grow your business with the support from other exceptional entrepreneurs around the world, join my exclusive Entrepreneurship Mastery Community! Remember: surrounding yourself with the right people will lead you to the right path to your success! 

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