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Sebastian Schieke
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3 min read

The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs to Build Their Destiny

Once someone has made the decision to be an entrepreneur, they have also decided to create their own destiny. Being an entrepreneur gives you the choice to live your life on your own terms. But simply deciding to be an entrepreneur is so much...

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3 min read

Losing Your Edge is Bad For Your Business -Here is How You Can Get Your Drive Back

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always smooth sailing. It is no secret that there will come a time when they would lose their sense of direction in the vast world of entrepreneurship. They could end up losing sight of their goals because of some...

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4 min read

Discover the 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Can't Get Their Drive Back

In the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, one thing remains that pushes business owners to face challenges head-on and rise above adversities — Drive. Driving Force is what fuels entrepreneurs to venture out to matters that ignite their passion...

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2 min read

Leveraging the Power of Influence and Leadership

A key factor in the mindset of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders is the recognition that they have much to share with the world! But just like everything else they do, leaders need to carefully consider how they can use their voices in...

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Sebastian on Stage

3 min read

The HR Manager in Times of VUCA and Co.

The English acronym VUCA is nowadays often used in connection with the ever faster digitization. Behind this are the four nouns volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. These are intended to describe the challenges in today's world.

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