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Sebastian Schieke
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Digital Strategy


2 min read

Assess Your Business to Stay On Track!

Have you ever used a navigational system that took you to the wrong place? Maybe you entered the wrong destination address. Or perhaps the software was programmed incorrectly. In any case, although you followed the directions, you didn’t end up where...

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2 min read

Why (and How!) You Should Aim to Delight Your Clients

Closing the deal on the sale might feel like a happy ending. But, if you’re doing it right, it’s really only the beginning! Once a prospective client turns into a customer, you need to be ready to not only deliver what was promised, but “wow” them so...

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2 min read

Moving Forward and Shaking Things UP with Your Business

In the beginning, Brian’s business was on fire! He seemed to have a Midas touch so that anything he did was productive and rewarding. He was on top of the world! Until he wasn’t.

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