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Rise of Virtual Law Firms: Remote Legal Services with Karola Kassai

Rise of Virtual Law Firms: Remote Legal Services with Karola Kassai


In today's advanced and ever-changing world, entrepreneurs need to stay up to date with new technologies and be flexible in order to remain successful. This includes understanding data protection regulations, researching ground-breaking technologies such as blockchain and CRISPR, and creating innovative solutions to back them. With this, businesses and companies must be able to keep up with the changing legal landscape and offer the best services to their clients. And that’s what Karola offers at her company at KassaiLaw.

Karola Kassai, Founder and CEO of KassaiLaw, provides high-standard, flexible business and legal services at affordable prices. Being a virtual law firm has also allowed them to essentially break down geographical and intellectual barriers in the legal industry and to have an extensive reach, with clients all over the EU across the complete range of tech businesses.

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karola-xenia-kassai-78764838/
Website: https://kassailaw.com

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