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The Keys to Success in a Competitive Marketplace with Elena Unciuleanu

The Keys to Success in a Competitive Marketplace with Elena Unciuleanu


Welcome to Episode #18 of The High-Performance CEO Podcast!

Joining us this week is Elena Unciuleanu, Founder and CEO of Reporting Center. In this amazing interview, she covers the many key components of success while developing a business in the central banking industry. She also outlines the importance of attending events and traveling to stimulate new ideas, having a platform that can adjust quickly to changing regulations, team structure and scalability, maintaining an up-to-date regulatory environment, and fostering a hybrid work style with international reach. Additionally, understanding customer needs, dedicating time to analysis, and leveraging collaboration are also highlighted as success drivers in central banking.

Elena has spent more than 15 years building Reporting Systems for more than 20 Banks. As a result, in addition to her strong technical capabilities, she has vast banking business knowledge. She focused on engineering elastic solutions able to accommodate the frequently changing regulation in banking.

After gaining relevant experience in this field, in 2015 she founded the RegTech company called Reporting Center where she, along with her team, create reporting software solutions for the European banking market.

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Website: https://reportingcenter.eu

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