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Building & Leading a Global Team of A-Players with Alexander Baron

Building & Leading a Global Team of A-Players with Alexander Baron





Welcome back to The High-Performance CEO Podcast!

Joining us this week is, Alexander Baron, the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Top.Legal

With his background in investment banking, Alex found success in founding Top.Legal and motivating his team to take on challenging and impactful tasks. Through the use of remote work, Top.Legal has been able to close two deals without ever meeting in person. He shares how effective management of a global team requires communication tools and strategies for resolving conflicts and technical decisions. Building team spirit and understanding require video messages, social events, and engagement with a powerful vision.

He promotes that success in a remote setting can also be achieved by recognizing and establishing personal success habits and routines. He has mentioned of taking breaks, being mindful when focusing on tasks, being present and attentive when engaging, tracking sleep, and staying hungry are given to achieve success not only in business but in life as well. Hard work will always be required, but with the right practices and strategies even impossible goals can be accomplished.

More on Alex:

Alex is the CRO for Top.Legal, a startup that's shaking up the legal and sales industry with a software tool that is generating better contracts, that are faster to close. He's also spent a substantial amount of time as an investment banker, so he knows his way around Excel without a mouse (and knows how a financial model works when you wake him up in the middle of the night).

He loves talking to sales leaders who challenge the status quo and are looking for new ways to improve their businesses. He's also a big fan of using specialized productivity software.

Find Alex:
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alexander-m-baron-757b3a38
Website: https://www.top.legal/


Key takeaways:

  • It is important to communicate a powerful vision and give people the opportunity to be a part of something important.
  • Companies with higher purchasing power can take advantage of recruiting from economically disadvantaged countries while providing good wages.
  • Utilizing video messages as opposed to emails helps ensure that the intended message is understood correctly.

Challenges of managing a remote team and how to overcome them

Managing a remote team can present a unique set of challenges for managers, from communication issues to difficulty tracking progress and maintaining team cohesion. To be successful, managers must develop effective strategies for managing their remote teams and overcoming these challenges. Here are 4 examples of challenges and how to overcome them:

  • Communication challenges: One of the biggest challenges of managing a remote team is ensuring that team members are communicating effectively with each other. Managers and team members should be able to establish regular communication channels and tools, such as video calls, instant messaging, and email, and establish clear expectations for response times.

  • Lack of team cohesion: Another challenge of managing a remote team is creating a sense of team cohesion and camaraderie. Companies should plan regular team-building activities, such as virtual happy hours and online games, to foster a sense of community and help team members get to know each other better.

  • Difficulty tracking progress: With team members spread across different locations and time zones, it can be challenging for managers to track progress and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It is suggested that managers should establish clear goals and deadlines, use project management tools to track progress, and provide regular feedback to team members.

  • Trust issues: Finally, trust can be a major issue in remote teams, as managers may not be able to observe team members working in person. Managers should establish clear expectations for performance and behavior, provide regular feedback, and focus on results rather than micromanaging.

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