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Strategic Investment Opportunities with Patrick Grimes

Strategic Investment Opportunities with Patrick Grimes





On the 24th Episode of The High-Performance CEO Podcast, our special guest is Patrick Grimes, CEO and Founder of Invest on Main Street.

Patrick shares that his company is known for providing non-correlated and recession-resilient investment opportunities with tax advantages such as inflation hedging, accelerated appreciation, and decreased taxation. The benefits of these investments include potentially retiring early and creating a legacy for heirs.

There are often management and legal liabilities when dealing with real estate investments. However, multi-family, single-family, and affordable housing investments offer cash flow and inflation hedging and oil and gas investments can be seen as a viable option due to investors such as Warren Buffet and Elon Musk. There is also increased usage of innovative approaches such as 3D imaging, satellite imagery, and machine learning to analyze hundreds of real estate deals and find lucrative opportunities, as well as the potential to diversify investments with the launch of an affordable housing fund.

More on Patrick

Patrick has been active in real estate investment since 2007, including purchasing land and distressed assets, renovating them, and stabilizing them for long-term cash flow. Patrick founded Invest on Main Street to help investors build wealth through tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation while limiting their exposure to market volatility and inflation. All the while, providing a safer, cleaner and improved living experience for the residents.

He co-authored an Amazon #1 best-selling book, Persistence, Pivots and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities.

Find Patrick
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricksgrimes/
Website: https://investonmainstreet.com


Key takeaways:

  • Working with Invest on Main Street is an attractive option for those looking to increase their wealth and retirement income.
  • Popular choices for investing in hard assets include real estate, diversified energy funds, natural gas oil drilling, and affordable housing portfolios.
  • Investing in real estate passively through multi-family, oil and gas, and affordable housing investments can offer benefits such as increased cash flow, a legacy for heirs, and recession resilience.

Why should you invest in hard assets for retirement?

Real estate is often considered a good investment for retirement because it can provide a steady stream of income in the form of rental payments or can be sold for a profit later on. Real estate also serves as a hedge against inflation, as rental income and property values tend to increase over time along with inflation.

One reason that Americans' chances of having a comfortable retirement are dwindling is due to rising inflation rates. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of retirement savings, which means that retirees may not be able to afford the same standard of living as they would have been able to in the past. This can be particularly problematic for retirees who rely on fixed-income investments, such as bonds or savings accounts, which are especially vulnerable to inflation.

However, it's important to note that investing in real estate is not without risks, and there are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not it's the right choice for your retirement portfolio. Real estate markets can be cyclical and can experience downturns that can negatively impact investment returns. This is why companies such as Invest on Main Street are a great choice to work with to make smart real estate decisions.

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