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Winning Strategies on Worldwide & Distributed Teams with Pedro Specter

Winning Strategies on Worldwide & Distributed Teams with Pedro Specter





In this week's episode of The High-Performance CEO Podcast, joining us is Pedro Specter, a symbol of ambition and effort, as the Founder and Managing Partner of Nortb, a data management company with a 400% increase in growth over the past two quarters of 2022.

Nortb provides software development, infrastructure maintenance, and a unique data warehouse project. Their purpose lies in essence to disrupt markets. They provide the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decision using the right technology in the right markets to create the right disruptions and drive innovation.

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Pedro is also the CTO of Ingenium Labs, a Health Tech innovator based in Germany which strives to create the best services for its customers. Despite bureaucratic obstacles in setting up subsidiaries in other countries, Pedro has had success in managing different cultures due to familiarization with Filipino culture. 

In this episode, Pedro will talk about the winning strategies of worldwide and distributed teams!

Find Pedro
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pedrospecter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pedrospecter


Key takeaways:

  • Pedro Specter is the Founder and Managing Partner of Nortb, a company providing financial and IT expert consulting, which recently expanded to Portugal and the Philippines.
  • Nortb offers software development, and infrastructure maintenance and currently has a unique data warehouse project, combining different data from multiple sources.
  • Pedro handled the different cultures between the locations of Sweden, Portugal, and the Philippines by familiarizing himself with Filipino culture.

What is Data Warehousing and Why is it Important?

Data warehousing is the process of collecting, storing, and managing large volumes of data from various sources in a central repository, which can then be used for analysis and decision-making. Data warehouses are designed to support business intelligence (BI) activities such as querying, reporting, and data mining.

Data warehousing is important for businesses because it provides a unified view of an organization's data, making it easier to analyze and make informed decisions. It also enables businesses to track trends and patterns over time and to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Additionally, data warehouses can help companies streamline their reporting processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Here are some benefits of data warehousing:

  1. Provides a single source of truth for all data
  2. Allows for easy and efficient data analysis and reporting
  3. Improves decision-making by providing timely and accurate information
  4. Enables businesses to track trends and patterns over time
  5. Supports the integration of data from multiple sources

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