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The Future of Consulting with Pat Lynes

The Future of Consulting with Pat Lynes






You are not alone if you’re frustrated and overwhelmed by the constant struggle to find and retain top talent in your organization despite spending significant time and resources on recruitment and training. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders face the same challenge in the 21st century. They may be implementing traditional hiring methods and investing in outdated training programs, only to find themselves constantly replacing employees and falling behind in the competitive market. 

"I think we live in an era where everyone wants to become an entrepreneur or everyone wants to potentially run their own business, whether it's a micro business or they've got big aspirations."

Pat Lynes
Founder & CEO - Sullivan & Stanley

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Introducing Pat Lynes - a change agent and forward-thinking CEO who has spent the last seven years leading Sullivan & Stanley, a consultancy dedicated to transforming traditional business practices. Before this venture, he expanded a different company to impressive nine-figure revenue.

Pat believes in the power of relationships and generosity in business, crediting much of his success to this value-based approach. He challenges established norms, striving to inspire a revolutionized future of work and pave the way for the next generation of industry leaders. 

Find Pat: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricklynes/
Website: https://www.sullivanstanley.com/

Key takeaways:

  • Unleash your potential by understanding the future of work and consulting in the 21st century. 
  • Discover the keys to crafting a workplace environment that inspires and motivates. 
  • Gain insights on how to pivot successfully with the evolving preferences of today's workforce. 
  • Recognize the necessity of prioritizing the growth and development of your employees to boost productivity. 
  • Learn the secret ingredient of establishing a culture that sparks organizational change. 

Embracing the Importance of Being Ready Before Starting a Business 

Launching a business is fascinating, yet it requires enormous preparation. It is pivotal to thoroughly understand the trade, recognize one’s patterns, and embrace readiness before starting a venture. This principle helps potential entrepreneurs identify the most suitable moment to start their journey to ensure a higher chance of success. 

The story of Pat Lynes highlights these principles perfectly. His journey as an entrepreneur started with understanding his patterns, something he playfully calls the seven-year itch. Having spent much of his career in a global corporate firm, Pat had a first-hand understanding of the trade, which was crucial when he set up his consultancy. This keen self-awareness set the grounds for Pat to launch Sullivan & Stanley at the right moment, thus paving the way for its success. 

The resources and other topics mentioned in this episode are: 

  • Visit the Sullivan & Stanley website to learn more about their change and transformation consultancy services. 
  • Explore the services offered by Sullivan & Stanley, including organizational transformation, change management, and leadership development. 
  • Connect with Pat Lynes on LinkedIn to stay updated on his insights and thought leadership in the world of change and transformation. 
  • Consider incorporating your values and inspirations into your business, just like Pat Lynes did with Sullivan & Stanley. 
  • Reflect on the importance of building a community and ecosystem around your business and consider how to foster strong relationships with customers, associates, and partners. 
  • Embrace the David versus Goliath energy and use it as motivation to compete against larger brands in your industry. 
  • Prioritize marketing and sales in the early stages of founding an organization, as they are crucial for establishing your position in the market and generating revenue. 
  • Remember that relationships are everything in business, and always play the long game by offering value and building trust with your network. 

Key Moments in the Episode: 

00:01:23 - Naming the Company After Pat's Kids  
00:05:14 - Pat's Journey as an Entrepreneur  
00:09:40 - Key Learnings from Founding a Company  
00:12:49 - Taking Opportunities and Having No Regrets  
00:15:34 - Creating an Attractive Work Environment 
00:18:07 - Changing Preferences and Rise of Boutique Services 
00:22:35 - The Awakening During the Pandemic 
00:24:12 - Redefining Work-Life Balance 
00:27:53 - The Power of a Vivid Vision 
00:31:12 - Embracing the 21st Century Way of Working 
00:31:31 - Enjoying the Journey 
00:32:07 - Putting People First 
00:33:31 - Creating Impact and Future-Proofing 
00:34:26 - A Time for Change 

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