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Environmental Sustainability Using Blockchain Technology with Walfredo

Environmental Sustainability Using Blockchain Technology with Walfredo

Welcome to the 7th episode of The High-Performance CEO Podcast!

In this week’s episode, Walfredo della Gherardesca shares with us how his company - Genuine Way - enables brands or manufacturers to register the environmental impact of their supply chain on the public blockchain. This enables their consumers to cross-check their products to see if every ingredient and/or material is ethically sourced as advertised.

Walfredo is a digital entrepreneur from Italy, previously active in the e-commerce space with an exit in 2018 and since then, he operates in the Environmental Impact space. After creating an impact-driven community and conference called “The Castle Gathering”, he founded Genuine Way in early 2020, the first blockchain service provider vertically focused on creating transparency with regard to ESG topics.

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Website: https://genuineway.io/

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