Episode Summary:

Sebastian Schieke and Graham Brown dive into the exciting world where AI and leadership meet. They discuss how leaders can use AI to boost their human-centered approach, sparking creativity and strategic thinking. The episode highlights agile storytelling, empathy, and authenticity, suggesting a fresh leadership style where technology enhances human bonds instead of taking over. Gain practical tips for thriving in the digital era, focusing on the human touch in innovation.



About The Guest:

Meet Graham Brown, an experienced entrepreneur, world traveler, and podcasting expert. He's the visionary CEO of Pikkal & Co., an award-winning podcast agency. With 15+ years of helping corporates, startup founders, and storytellers find their unique voices, Graham has deeply impacted podcasting.

Holding a degree in artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology from Sussex University, he's also authored a book on the transformation of digital communication, exploring technology and human connection. Graham excels in AI-powered, data-driven B2B podcasting, making him a sought-after speaker. Committed to the podcasting community, he leads The Podcast Accelerator and has hosted over 3000 podcasts. As an Ironman triathlete, Graham embodies resilience and determination.


Key Takeaways:


Agile Storytelling as a Leadership Skill:

The ability to craft compelling narratives is not innate but can be honed to inspire and guide teams effectively.


AI as an Empowerment Tool, Not a Replacement:

AI should be leveraged to enhance human capabilities, allowing leaders to focus on creative and strategic tasks.


Human-centric Leadership:

In an age where efficiency and automation are prevalent, the value of empathy, authenticity, and human connection in leadership is increasingly significant.


The Importance of Practice in Skill Development:

Leadership, like storytelling and confidence, improves with practice, challenging the misconception that these are inherent traits.


Navigating Change with Vision and Trust:

Leaders must articulate a clear vision to navigate change effectively, using storytelling to foster trust and guide their teams through uncertainty.


What the Guest provides


Graham Brown shares how AI fits into leadership, focusing on its impact on decision-making and strategy. He's all about keeping it human-centered during rapid tech progress, focusing on empathy and real connections in leadership. He also emphasizes agile story-telling, a game-changing framework for leaders to inspire their teams and being able to navigate the collaboration between tech and human insight in business.


Why It's Important for CEOs


CEOs will find this episode really valuable because it dives into leadership and tech innovation, especially AI. Graham Brown shares great insights on using AI to boost leadership skills, which is relevant for CEOs tackling digital challenges. His focus on people-centered leadership and engaging storytelling gives practical tips for inspiring and guiding teams effectively. We also discussed finding the right balance between tech efficiency, empathy, and genuine connections to build an innovative and adaptable culture in the face of rapid industry changes. CEOs will see how this approach directly improves strategic decision-making and nurtures a forward-thinking company.


Action Items for CEOs


  • Develop Agile Storytelling Skills: To polish this skill, practice storytelling in different settings like team meetings, public speaking gigs, or even podcasts.
  • Embrace AI with a Human-centric Approach: Check out and put to use AI tools that handle boring tasks, giving you more space for big-picture thinking, creativity, and team bonding.
  • Foster Authentic Connections: Make real connections within your team and network, focusing on empathy and understanding to create a supportive vibe.
  • Engage in Continuous Learning: Stay updated on tech trends and leadership tricks through courses and workshops and share knowledge with peers to stay flexible and creative.
  • Lead with Vision and Trust: Share your vision clearly, using stories to connect with your team's dreams and struggles, to build a culture of trust and teamwork.



This episode highlights how AI can boost leadership skills while maintaining that human touch. By utilizing agile storytelling and smart AI, leaders can tackle the challenges of the digital era, nurturing innovation and flexibility. CEOs looking to blend tech advances with classic leadership values should definitely tune in!




  • The Intersection of Leadership, AI, and Podcasting (00:01-00:26)
  • Authenticity and Empathy in Leadership (00:27-01:24)
  • The Role of AI in Enhancing Leadership (01:25-03:54)
  • Visionary Leadership and Overcoming Change Resistance (03:55-06:00)
  • Humanizing AI in Service and Healthcare (06:01-09:05)
  • Reframing Efficiency: Creating Time Through AI (09:06-15:29)
  • The Shift to Authenticity and Human Experience (15:30-21:39)
  • Storytelling as a Tool for Visionary Leadership (21:40-30:06)
  • The Courage to Lead: Facing Criticism and Rejection (30:07-34:22)
  • Agile Storytelling and Practice in Leadership (34:23-39:25)
  • Human Connections and Overcoming Social Media's Illusion (39:26-45:38)
  • Empowering Leaders Through Authentic Conversations (45:39-50:46)

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