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Building Teams and the Corresponsive Company Culture with Mirela Mus

Building Teams and the Corresponsive Company Culture with Mirela Mus





Welcome to the pilot episode of The High-Performance CEO Podcast!

Joining us is Mirela Mus, the Founder of Product People, and an experienced product management consultant with 12 years of experience. Product People is able to provide innovative in-house Product Management that specializes in helping large firms solve tough product-related issues. By relocating to Germany in 2015, Mirela took advantage of the growing tech sector and contributed to the development of new products and businesses, rather than merely directing projects from Eastern Europe.

Moving to Germany was a good option for Mirela to start her company, as it provides access to a highly-skilled workforce, a deep understanding of local culture, and the opportunity to experience success with multiple types of organizations. In order to reach success and ensure a high quality of service for her clients, Mirela found it important to: hire the right people, implement high-performance habits, set up the correct structures and teams, understand the freedom and greater sense of responsibility in entrepreneurship, and create an impact.

Product People has been relying on intentional recruitment and personality assessments when hiring remotely, and have plans to expand services and differentiate from competitors by focusing on design and development tasks and giving back to the product management community.

More on Mirela:

Mirela Mus has 12+ years of product management experience, a background in Computer Science, and an MBA. She is the Founder of Product People, a Product Management Consultancy with around 45 in-house full-time PMs who help as Interims in Europe’s top Product companies. As an Interim PM, she has personally contributed to Tier, Zalando, Omio, WHO (World Health Organization) and continues to do so with her growing team.

In this episode, we discuss the matters of building amazing teams and the corresponsive company culture. Jump in and you’ll learn something new - every time.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/MirelaMus
Website: http://getproductpeople.com/


Key takeaways:

  • Mirela Mus, the founder of Product People, relocated to Germany in 2015 to take advantage of the growing tech sector and contribute to the development of innovative new products and businesses.
  • Knowing that each culture has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, it's important to appreciate the differences and hire accordingly.
  • A strong culture and team are key factors in attaining success and this can be fostered through intentional recruitment and the implementation of high-performance habits.

Why should companies hire external Product Managers?

External product managers are individuals who are hired from outside the company to oversee the development and management of a particular product or product line.

It's worth noting that hiring an external product manager can be a time-consuming and expensive process, but it can also bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to a company. Other advantages include:

  • Fresh perspectives: An external product manager can bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the company. They can introduce new methods, technologies, and strategies that the company may not have considered before, which can help the company stay competitive in its market.

  • Industry expertise: External product managers often have industry-specific knowledge and experience that the company may not have in-house. This expertise can be valuable in developing and launching successful products that meet customer needs and compete effectively with other products in the market.

  • Objectivity: External product managers can bring a level of objectivity to the product development process. They are not as emotionally invested in the product as internal team members, which allows them to make more objective decisions and prioritize the features and functionality that will provide the most value to the customer.

  • Access to a broader network: An external product manager can also bring access to a broader network of contacts in the industry, including potential partners, vendors, and customers. This can be beneficial in building relationships and expanding the company's business opportunities.

  • Ability to fill gaps in expertise: External product managers can fill gaps in the company's existing product management team. They may have expertise in areas that the company lacks, such as user experience design, market research, or analytics, which can help the company build a stronger and more effective product development team.

Of course, there are also potential drawbacks to hiring external product managers, such as the cost of recruitment and onboarding, the potential for culture clash, and the need to invest time in integrating the new manager into the company's existing processes and systems. However, if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, hiring an external product manager can be a smart move for a company looking to strengthen its product development capabilities.

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