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Building Resilience through Gaming with Maria Burns Ortiz

Building Resilience through Gaming with Maria Burns Ortiz






Discover the unexpected twist in Maria Burns Ortiz's mission to revolutionize education through gaming. Her innovative platform aimed to teach kids resilience and problem-solving skills, but she didn't expect the surprising impact it would have on her life. Find out how Maria's passion for gaming led to a personal transformation and an even more significant impact on the future of education. Stay tuned for the shocking twist that will leave you inspired and wanting more.

Games encourage failure, which is something that the current education system is lacking."

Maria Burns Ortiz
Founder and CEO, 7 Generation Games

More on Maria

Meet Maria Burns Ortiz, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of 7 Generation Games, an award-winning company that creates engaging educational games. Maria's expertise lies in strategic partnerships, international markets, and business development. She's also a New York Times bestselling author named in Forbes' Next 1000 and Business Journal's 40 Under 40. Maria is passionate about revolutionizing education through gaming and helping children develop problem-solving and resilience skills.

Find Maria

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariaburnsortiz/
Website: https://www.7generationgames.com

Key takeaways:

  • Unveil the significance of gaming in fostering problem-solving abilities and resilience in today's education. 
  • Delve into 7 Generation Games' emphasis on enhancing math literacy to bridge educational gaps. 
  • Investigate the funding obstacles women entrepreneurs encounter from underrepresented minorities in the start-up landscape. 
  • Learn how to create personalized games through 7 Generation Games' groundbreaking technology 
  • Recognize 7 Generation Games' commitment to providing research-informed and efficient educational games. 

Empowering Kids to Solve Future Problems 

We must equip children with the skills to tackle future challenges in an ever-changing world. Problem-solving and resilience are essential skills that enable children to adapt and thrive. By incorporating educational games that teach these abilities, educators can help prepare children for the complex world they will face as adults. Ortiz underlined the significance of teaching problem-solving skills and resilience through gaming to prepare children for future challenges. 7 Generation Games aims to help children become resilient problem solvers, ready to take on whatever obstacles they encounter in the future. Ortiz's vision is to develop the next generation of problem solvers and resilient individuals through engaging and effective educational games. 

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

  • Visit the 7 Generation Games website to learn more about their educational games and curriculum. 
  • Read Maria Burns Ortiz's New York Times bestselling book on sports and society, My Fight/Your Fight. 
  • Check out Forbes' Next 1000 business journal to learn about up-and-coming entrepreneurs and businesses. 

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