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How to Create a Profitable E-commerce Business with Steve Kilberg

How to Create a Profitable E-commerce Business with Steve Kilberg






Does this sound familiar? You're an e-commerce CEO who knows you need to scale and plan your exit strategy, but you're unsure how. You've been told to work harder and figure it out, but that's not getting you the results you need. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated, wondering if you'll ever achieve your desired growth and success. It's time to break free from these ineffective actions and gain the knowledge and mindset needed to scale your business and plan for a successful exit.

"Having that exit experience is an accomplishment. And going through that from A to Z is literally a life changing experience because you can look back and say, I did that."

Steve Kilberg
M&A Advisor - Westbound Road, LLC

More on Steve

Known for his unique blend of passion, experience, and dedication, Steve Kilberg has built a successful career helping e-commerce CEOs scale their businesses and create winning exit strategies. His expertise has taken him worldwide, working with a diverse range of clients who have achieved different stages of growth.

Steve's hands-on experience in growing his own e-commerce business and his knack for solving everyday challenges business owners face have made him a sought-after advisor. No stranger to setbacks himself, Steve emphasizes the importance of mindset in driving growth and overcoming self-imposed limitations to achieve a successful exit. 

Find Steve

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevekilberg-online-ma-mentor/ 
Website: https://www.westboundroad.com/

Key takeaways:

  • Discover innovative leadership methods that push you toward peak performance. 
  • Uncover the secrets behind successfully scaling a business and how to plan an exit strategy. 
  • Learn essential techniques for truly understanding and engaging with your target audience. 
  • Recognize the significance of assembling strong teams and practicing personal humility for business success. 
  • Master the art of maintaining undivided focus and discipline while striving to reach your objectives. 

Reasons for Selling a Business 

Many reasons lead business owners to sell their businesses, from personal to financial or strategic motives. Some may decide to sell due to burnout, wanting to embark on new ventures, or in response to changes in the industry or emerging opportunities. Regardless of the motivation, entrepreneurs need to understand the various factors that impact the selling process and make informed decisions about their business's future.

In the conversation with Steve Kilberg, he mentioned several prevalent reasons for selling, such as a partnership split or founders' exhaustion. He also emphasized that many CEOs reach their limit and feel stagnant in their business's growth, which can lead them to consider selling. By understanding these reasons, entrepreneurs can better capitalize on opportunities, recognize potential obstacles, and make the best business decisions. 

The resources and other topics mentioned in this episode are: 

  • Consider developing an exit strategy for your business, even if you've just started. 
  • If you're an e-commerce or SaaS business owner with under $10 million in revenue, consider seeking advice on how to sell your business. 
  • Identify if you have limiting beliefs that may be hindering your business growth. Seek mentorship or coaching to overcome these beliefs. 
  • Don't be afraid to invest in marketing and advertising; consider increasing your ad spending if necessary. 
  • Take advantage of tools and resources available, such as working capital solutions, to overcome financial obstacles. 
  • Seek out niche-specific knowledge and become a specialist in your field. 
  • Consider partnering with others or seeking a merger to scale your business. 
  • Prioritize building a solid infrastructure and sales process to attract potential buyers. 
  • Always be open to learning and evolving your business strategy.

Key Moments in the Episode: 

00:03:18 - Reasons for Selling a Business 
00:08:12 - Mindset Limitations 
00:12:27 - Overcoming Mindset Limitations 
00:13:31 - Key Questions to Ask for Business Growth 
00:17:02 - The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers 
00:19:04 - Starting a Business from Scratch vs. Buying One 
00:22:00 - Lessons Learned from Starting a Business 
00:24:56 - Starting and Growing a Successful Business 
00:28:10 - Building a Brand 
00:30:05 - Planning for an Exit Strategy 
00:32:22 - Defining Your Avatar 
00:33:09 - Free Consultation 
00:10:25 - Steve's Background 
00:22:10 - Leadership 
00:28:45 - The Importance of Focus 

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