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Mastering the Art of Talent Planning with Steve Van Remortel

Mastering the Art of Talent Planning with Steve Van Remortel






Do you want to enhance your talent optimization and drive significant growth in your company? Are you searching for the key to unlocking your business's full potential? Look no further because today, we have a special guest, Steve Van Remortel, who will unveil the solution to help you achieve unparalleled success. Get ready to discover the secret to maximizing your talent planning and propelling your company toward extraordinary results. 

"Talent planning is working upstream, working into the future, and laying out a three-year talent plan for your leadership team or laying out a three-year talent plan for any department team you have and laying out a talent plan for each team member in your business."

Steve Van Remortel
Founder - MyTalentPlanner

More on Steve

Say hello to Steve Van Remortel, a recognized figure in the field of talent planning. With a savvy business acumen built over years of hands-on experience, Steve founded 'MyTalentPlanner', a significant tool that mobilizes strategic talent planning.

As a thrice-published author, his writings provide enlightening insights into effective talent management, offering readers clear-cut strategies for people-focused organizational success. Steve's expertise doesn't end with planning. He's also a keynote speaker and investor, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table in optimizing the greatest asset of any organization: its people. 

Find Steve: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevevanremortel/
Website: https://mytalentplanner.com/  

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the pivotal role talent planning undertakes in steering your business toward success. 
  • Unravel the direct link between personal self-care and influential leadership. 
  • Understand the integral components of an efficient talent plan: Strategy, Talent Vision, and Execution. 
  • Learn the art of engaging and motivating your employees via effective talent planning. 
  • Appreciate the transformative impact of talent planning on fostering a positive company culture and reducing turnover rates. 

The Urgency of Talent Planning 

It's not just enough to know what talent planning is and why it is important, but it's crucial to understand the urgency of it. Given the times we're living in, with growing job openings and rapid generational shifts in the workforce, talent planning has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Companies need to prioritize talent development now more than ever. 

Steve explained why talent planning is urgent. With 10.8 million job openings in the USA and a major chunk of the workforce retiring, there's a gaping hole waiting to be filled. He mentioned that winning at talent is non-negotiable for businesses wishing to dominate their industry. The current workforce dynamics and the 'great resignation' make a compelling argument for Steve's point. Companies must level up their people's game to stay ahead. 

The resources and other topics mentioned in this episode are: 

  • Visit mytalentplanner.com to learn more about Steve Van Remortel's talent planning software, MyTalentPlanner. 
  • Purchase Steve Van Remortel's books on talent planning to gain further insights and strategies to win the battle for talent in your business. 
  • Attend one of Steve Van Remortel's speaking engagements or workshops to learn directly from him about talent planning and its importance in business success. 

Key Moments in the Episode: 

00:01:17 - Talent Planning vs. Talent Management 
00:03:05 - Leadership Development 
00:05:56 - Components of a Talent Plan 
00:09:03 - Motivating Team Members 
00:15:41 - The Need for Talent Planning Software 
00:16:39 - The Software's Navigation and Features 
00:18:20 - Creating a Culture of Collaboration 
00:21:16 - The Urgency of Talent Planning 
00:23:54 - Winning in the Industry through Talent

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