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Raising Funds with Impact with Tord Olav Donnum

Raising Funds with Impact with Tord Olav Donnum






Are you familiar with these fund-raising myths? Myth #1: Investors are not interested in funding startups in uncertain times. Myth #2: Only well-established companies can secure funding during uncertain times. Myth #3: It's impossible to stand out among the competition and gain visibility with investors. Tord Olav Donnum will share the truth about raising funds during uncertain times. He'll also share how entrepreneurs can manage multiple responsibilities to secure funding.

"I saw an opportunity to make money on something as simple as an idea. It taught me that even the smallest idea can have a big impact."

Tord Olav Donnum
Founder & CEO - Tor Sport SB

More on Tord

Meet Tord Olav Donnum, a dynamic and driven entrepreneur who has made his mark in the startup world. Tord is from Norway and now lives in San Francisco. His journey started with humble beginnings, where he overcame obstacles and learned the value of hard work. He has multiple roles: founder and CEO of Tor Sport and senior venture analyst at FounderSuite. Tord knows firsthand the challenges of raising funds, running companies, and maintaining a fulfilling life. Tord loved skiing, so he turned it into a successful business and became an entrepreneur.  

Find Tord:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tordolavdoennum/

Key takeaways:

  • Boost your funding chances by effectively managing multiple responsibilities as an entrepreneur. 
  • Discover proven strategies for raising funds during uncertain times. 
  • Uncover the secrets to balancing your startup and full-time work without burning out. 
  • Master the importance of time management to maximize your entrepreneurial success. 
  • Explore the potential for digitalization in the construction industry and how it can impact your funding opportunities.

The Funding Bottleneck for Small Companies  

Securing funding is vital for a startup's growth. However, during uncertain times, it can be extremely challenging. To succeed, you need more than a great idea. You must also attract investors and assure them of their investment's safety and potential profitability with you. The competition is tough now. To stand out, you need to meet investors on their terms. Understanding their investment criteria is just as important as having a polished pitch.  

Tord Olav Donnum touched on this issue with Sebastian. He said he gets overwhelmed by many pitch decks during the day, showing how much competition there is. Tord advises sending personalized pitch decks to specific investors to match their criteria. Securing funds is important, but building relationships with investors is also valuable. They can be mentors and strategic allies. 

The resources and other topics mentioned in this episode are: 

  • Visit the Tor Sports website to learn more about their innovative products for skiing and outdoor sports. 
  • Check out FounderSuite's website to discover their tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs. 
  • Consider investing in tech startups through FounderSuite to support innovative entrepreneurs and potentially earn attractive returns on your investment. 

Key Moments in the Episode: 

00:00:00 - The Funding Bottleneck for Small Companies
00:00:25 - AI as a Personal Assistant for Engineers  
00:00:59 - Importance of Time Management  
00:01:26 - Todd Olav Dunham's Background and Journey  
00:09:21 - Working at FounderSuite 
00:16:50 - The Importance of Finding and Sourcing the Right Information  
00:18:22 - Presenting Yourself as a Founder  
00:20:34 - Balancing Responsibilities and Time Management  
00:24:17 - The Role of AI in the Construction Industry   

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