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Boost Team Productivity with AI: Insights from Quantifly’s Co-founder

Boost Team Productivity with AI: Insights from Quantifly’s Co-founder






Episode Summary:


Discover how Quantifly uses AI to boost team productivity and solve workplace problems. Co-founder Luka Pregelj shares insights on how AI helps define team roles, eliminate information silos, and create a safe work environment. CEOs looking for practical AI uses in team management will find this episode valuable.



About Luka Pregelj:

  • Innovative Leadership: Co-founded Quantifly and uses AI to improve work and team interactions. Shows his ability to lead and innovate in tech.

  • AI Implementation Expert: Has deep experience using AI to make teams work better together, communicate more clearly, and create a supportive environment. Shows his skill in using AI to solve real business problems.

  • Advocate for Safe Workplaces: Works to make workplaces safer for mental health with AI, showing his dedication to employee well-being and productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Boosts Team Productivity: AI clarifies team roles, making collaborations more efficient and boosting productivity.

  • Breaks Communication Barriers: AI removes information silos, improving teamwork with open communication and collaboration.

  • Creates a Safe Work Environment: AI helps build a supportive space where teams can innovate and take risks, important for high-performing groups.

  • Learn from a Leader: Luka Pregelj shares how AI improves team management, offering CEOs practical tips for using technology to lead better.

Why It's Important for CEOs Like You


This episode features insights from Luka Pregelj, an expert in business using AI. CEOs face challenges like improving teamwork and communication and creating a healthy, innovative workplace. Luka shares how AI can help solve these problems, improve team dynamics, and support a growth-friendly environment.

The focus is on using AI for better team management. It covers strategies for clearer roles, better teamwork, and a more supportive work atmosphere, showing how AI can help achieve better operations. This talk is for CEOs wanting to use technology to lead more effectively and innovate, which is essential for staying ahead in business changes.


What CEOs Can Start Doing

  1. Use AI to make team communication smoother and get rid of delays.

  2. Apply AI analytics to define team roles better, boosting everyone's work output.

  3. Adopt AI strategies to encourage taking risks and creating a safe, innovative environment.

  4. Use AI to improve how teams work together and grow.

  5. Turn to AI to lead more empathetically and effectively, and keep up with industry changes.



This episode shows how AI can change team management for the better. It improves communication, sets clear roles, and builds a culture where innovation and support grow. Using AI is a smart move for CEOs looking to lead with understanding and boost productivity and innovation. The steps we suggest are a guide to using AI to improve how teams work and their efficiency. 



Introduction to Quantifly (00:00 - 02:41) 

Leadership Today (02:41 - 07:16)

Understanding How Your Company Works (07:16 - 14:32)

Building Responsibility and Safety (14:32 - 20:28)

From Analysis to Plans (20:28 - 25:11)

Using AI to Analyze Better (25:11 - 31:35)

Smart AI Use (31:35 - 34:30)


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