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How AI is Transforming Business Strategies with Emin Can Turan

How AI is Transforming Business Strategies with Emin Can Turan






Episode Summary:


Join us in this episode with Emin Can Turan, founder of Pebbles AI. He explains how artificial intelligence impacts business strategies. Learn about key AI tools that can give your business a competitive edge. Hear success stories that show how AI can streamline operations and improve decision-making. Ideal for CEOs looking to boost business growth with technology. 



About Emin Can Turan:

  • Founder of Pebbles AI: Emin Can Turan started Pebbles AI, a company known for creating new AI tools that change how businesses work. His leadership and vision put the company at the top of AI business solutions. 

  • Expert in AI Applications: Emin has a lot of experience using AI in different sectors. He helps companies use AI to improve operations, make better decisions, and stay competitive in fast-changing markets. 

  • Innovator and Thought Leader: As a leader in the AI field, Emin often shares insights and predictions on future tech. He inspires business leaders to use AI solutions for sustainable growth. 


Key Takeaways:

  • AI Tools for Business Growth: See how AI tools can boost your business strategies and give you an edge. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Find out how AI can streamline your operations, saving time and resources. 
  • Improved Decision-Making: Learn how AI helps you make smarter, strategic decisions. 
  • Success Stories: Get inspired by real-life examples of businesses improving performance with AI. 
  • Future Tech Insights: Stay ahead with expert predictions and insights on AI's future.

Why It's Important for CEOs Like You

This episode is a must for CEOs navigating the fast-changing business world. Today, staying ahead means understanding both business and advanced tech. Our guest, Emin Can Turan, founder of Pebbles AI, shares key insights. Emin, an AI expert, explains how AI can transform business strategies. 

CEOs face challenges like improving efficiency, making smart decisions, and staying competitive. This episode shows how AI tools can streamline operations, manage resources, and enhance decision-making. Emin shares real success stories, offering a clear path for leaders wanting similar results. 

Emin also discusses future tech trends, helping CEOs stay ahead and prepare for changes. This summary provides CEOs with practical insights and solutions to grow their businesses in a tech-driven world. 


What CEOs Can Start Doing

  1. Implement AI tools to streamline your company's operations. 
  2. Use AI to optimize the management of your resources. 
  3. Integrate AI into your decision-making processes for better strategic outcomes. 
  4. Analyze real-life AI success stories to guide your own AI integration. 
  5. Stay informed about future technological advancements in AI. 
  6. Prepare for industry shifts by anticipating future AI trends. 


In this episode with Emin, founder of Pebbles AI, we explore how AI can change business strategies. It can boost efficiency, improve resource management, and enhance decision-making. CEOs will find the insights and success stories valuable for staying ahead in tech. Using AI tools and staying updated on advancements are key steps for growth. Start now by integrating AI into your operations and decision-making to keep a competitive edge. 




Emin's Journey Across Borders 00:04.427 - 02:40.843 

Emin Can Turan started in the Netherlands and now leads GTM in London. 

From Corporate Ladder to Startup Race 02:40.843 - 04:37.355 

Emin moved from a corporate job to the startup world. He shares why he left the firm to start a strategy consultancy for small businesses. 

Leading the Way with Pebbles: A New AI Strategy 04:37.355 - 06:35.179 

Emin introduces Pebbles AI, his project to change go-to-market strategies with AI.  

Entrepreneurial Insights: Managing Ups and Downs 06:35.179 - 09:37.547 

Emin talks about the challenges and rewards of running a startup that aims to change traditional business norms. 

Beating the Giants: Strategy for the Underdog 09:37.547 - 12:31.339 

Emin’s Pebbles AI challenges big consulting firms by making complex strategy tools accessible. 

AI Leading the Way: Driving Businesses Forward 12:31.339 - 18:08.139 

Emin explains the main features of Pebbles AI. Learn how AI can improve go-to-market strategies, making them smarter and more dynamic. 

Future of Pebbles AI: Visionaries at Work 18:08.139 - End 

Emin shares his future hopes for Pebbles AI and the impact of AI on society. 


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